Who We Are

Applied Ph.D. Research, LLC (APR) is a marketing research collaboration. This means we are not a traditional research firm (bricks and mortar, PCs and overhead). Instead, depending on client needs, we bring together PhD's and experts from many fields capable of offering a complete roster of strategic research services. A major advantage for clients with our approach is that we produce exceptionally high quality research services and products, at very reasonable prices, and on time.

Since 1986, APR's staff has conducted 100s of comprehensive strategic marketing research projects across many areas of investigation (Industry Experience). We have particular expertise in the areas of advertising, healthcare, financial services, retail, franchising, manufacturing, education-based initiatives, multi-channel marketing, entertainment and gaming, and governmental-nonprofit-social causes.

We take a detailed and systematic approach for all of our clients (Read more about our Research-Pyramid ApproachSM) to ensure the right questions are asked and therefore the right solutions are developed. We can offer you an extensive list of research services designed to best meet your needs.